• There's a fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare.

    Don Henley

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On the air in one form or another since April 1999, Common Sense airs on the York Pennsylvania Comcast cable access system, White Rose Community Television station (WRCT).  The show is produced and hosted by Mike Nixson and topics range from religion to all things political to science fiction in the arts and media.  The host's politics are decidedly libertarian which constitutes an even handed criticism of the liberal and conservative approaches to social and political solutions which involve people with power using force against people without power.

Common Sense is dedicated to a view of our world that is usually a bit askew from the typical Democrat or Republican view of society.  Like Thomas Paine himself we would like to foment a drastic change in our society.  It may be the only thing to save it.

At the beginning of each show, Mike starts out, "this show is dedicated to the proposition that most of what you think you know is wrong."  That pretty much sums up our point of view.

Selected Common Sense shows are available for viewing on this web site.  We also include videos from other producers that relate to topics we think important here at Common Sense.

You No Longer Live in a Free Country

The courts routinely violate the law and commit sedition and treason on a daily basis.  For a recent example and some suggestions on what do do about it follow this link.