• There's a fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare.

    Don Henley

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A book exposing the fraudulent misapplication of the income tax law against U.S. citizens.  Author C.F. Goldsborough, former chairman, Free State Constitutionists, Baltimore, Maryland.

(188 pages)
Cost: $10.00

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The book gives a detailed explanation of our Constitution’s taxing limitations, including the Sixteenth Amendment. Key sections of the Internal Revenue Code and the Constitution show that the Code does not impose an income tax on the earnings or other receipts of U.S. citizens.

The deceptive wording in the Internal Revenue Code which leads the public to incorrectly believe that the taxing provisions of the law apply to them is revealed.

The book shows how every American citizen can legally stop both withholding and paying income tax they don’t owe and give themselves an immediate pay increase!

Short bio of the author, C. Fenner Goldsborough

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Full synopsis of each chapter of the book.