• There's a fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare.

    Don Henley

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The 14 disk series consisting of The Truth About the Income Tax and Just the Facts is available for broadcast on your local public access channel.  You can purchase the program on DVD in 14 programs that are each 58 minutes and 30 seconds in length.  If you are in a position to get this program aired on your local public access channel you can go to the link below to order the DVD's created for this purpose.

Order the DVD program formatted for broadcast hereClick here for more information about getting this program on your local cable access channel.  To inquire further about airing this program on your local cable channel contact us.
If you have viewed this program on TV, some of the summary material had to be omitted to allow us to fit into the allotted times.  Below are listed each summary for the first five parts (part 6 had no summary).
To those who did not watch the entire 12 hour Just the Fact program, you may benefit from watching these summaries but keep in mind that they cover the conclusions to the voluminous details provided in the main narrative of the program and will give you limited insight into the path and logic of understanding the law regarding the income tax.  Remember that a little knowledge can be very dangerous!
The length of each segment is shown in brackets [min:sec]